Still Alive

// August 25th, 2013 // Free Software, Jonathan

I’ve been really quiet on the blogging front the last few months. There’s been a lot happening in my life. In short, I moved back to South Africa and started working for another company.  I have around 10 blog drafts that I will probably never finish, so I’m just declaring post bankruptcy and starting from scratch (who wants read my old notes from Ubuntu VUDS from March anyway?)

For what it’s worth, I’m still alive and doing very well, possibly better than ever. Over the next few months I want to focus my free software time on the Edubuntu project, my Debian ITPs (which I’ve neglected so badly they’ve been turned into RFPs) and Flashback. Once I’ve caught up there’s plenty of other projects where I’d like to focus some energy as well (LTSP, Debian-Edu, just to name a few).

Thanks for reading! More updates coming soon.

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