Corporate Irony – Dinosaurs Will Die

// March 31st, 2008 // Free Software, Music, Project Mayhem

Telkom “transforms to attack”

Motorola boss doesn’t do e-mail

  • According to this Engadget article, the CEO of Motorola, Greg Brown, is so out of touch with technology that he doesn’t use his computer for communication. His secretary actually prints out his e-mails and brings it to him! That’s terrible for someone who is supposed to lead a communications company.

Sony BMG are mass-scale software pirates

  • Saving the best for last, Sony BMG is probably one of the most proprietary companies on the planet, aggressively enforcing their copyright wherever possible. It turns out they are large scale software pirates themselves. This article points out that the BSA found that Sony BMG had a piracy rate of 47%! Scumbags. I guess this is one of those times where I get to shout “THAT’S WHAT THEY GET!” (thanks Nofx)
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3 Responses to “Corporate Irony – Dinosaurs Will Die”

  1. Coolio says:

    Thought you were on holiday dude!

  2. Random Guy says:

    “Corporate Irony – Dinosaurs Will Die”

    My first thought was, you must be into indie rock. Then I realized it wasn’t a song name :D

  3. jonathan says:

    @Coolio yes: I am on holiday, Middle East is a blast! :)

    @Random Guy: Yes, it was an indie rock reference, actually, read the last part and the direct link to the Nofx song, I thought I made it abundantly clear :)

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