“Our situation on this earth seems strange. Every one of us appears here involuntarily and uninvited for a short stay, without knowing the whys and the wherefore. In our daily lives we only feel that man is here for the sake of others, for those whom we love and for many other beings whose fate is connected with our own. I am often worried at the thought that my life is based to such a large extent on the work of my fellow human beings and I am aware of my great indebtedness to them.”

Albert Einstein


Who is Jonathan Carter?

This page will probably always be a work-in-progress.

I’m 30 years old, born in Cape Town now living  in Canada in a small city near Montreal.


Past Projects

  • tuXlabs


I stand for freedom, equality and liberty.

Some tags that might somewhat describe me: INTJ, Scientist, Technotarian, Autotelic, Futurist

I sometimes forget what those tags mean and have to go read those pages again when updating this page.

People who inspire me: Carl Sagan, John Lennon, Rod Serling, Gene Roddenberry, Felix Baumgartner, Albert Einstein, Aaron Swartz

The Internet is my religion.

Other Stuff:

  • My post on the political compass.
  • I’m a bit of a Trekkie, I love Star Trek and the possibilities that are explored.
  • I love South Park. It’s brilliant.
  • I contribute regularly to Ubuntu and want to contribute to Debian more.
  • If you’re looking for a CV or Resumé, I don’t have one but it’s been on my todo list to put one together, check out my LinkedIn profile below for more information in the meantime.

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