A feed that contains all blog entries from this site. Use with caution on aggregators, since I may post something that is not politically correct, unsuitable for children, or something that might not be suitable for that specific aggregator.


Free Software

This feed contains posts with topics around Free Software, Free Culture and other freedom issues. The majority of my posts fall under this category currently.



Adult education, schooling, computers in schools, technology in education and other issues on the topic.



This feed contains posts on games, game reviews, lists of games available for certain platforms, etc.



Mobile phones, game consoles, laptops, etc. I would like to post more reviews to this feed in the future.



Posts about music shows and concerts, as well as CD/DVD reviews. I also plan to learn how to play some instruments, and will post entries on my progress here.



It’s all about me me me!!! This feed contains posts that are directly related to me, and the things I do. This is probably the type of feed that my parents would subscribe to, if they would ever use such a thing as a feed reader.



Posts that may be political in nature or refer in some way to politics of things. I’m considering starting a political party in 2010/2011. Any news on that front will also be available from this feed.


Need more specific feeds?

If the above mentioned feeds aren’t specific enough, you can also select a topic by tag, for example: http://jonathancarter.org/tag/[TAG]/feed. Replace [TAG] with a topic such as ubuntu, or telkom, and you will end up with feeds such as the following examples:


Which feeds to I read?

You can grab my OPML file right here: