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Free Software Activities for 2020-07

Here are my uploads for the month of July, which is just a part of my free software activities, I’ll try to catch up on the rest in upcoming posts. I haven’t indulged in online conferences much over the last...


Free Software Activities (2019-12)

A lot has happened in Debian recently, I wrote seperate blog entries about that but haven’t had the focus to finish them up, maybe I’ll do that later this month. In the meantime, here are some uploads I’ve done during...


Free Software Activities (2019-11)

TL;DR: Mostly a bunch of package sponsoring this month. :) 2019-11-11: Sponsor package python-tempora (1.14.1-1) for Debian unstable (Python team request). 2019-11-11: Sponsor package python-jaraco.functools (2.0-2) for Debian unstable (Python team request). 2019-11-11: Review package fpylll (Needs some more work)...