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Free software activities for 2021-04

Here are some uploads for April. 2021-04-06: Upload package bundlewrap (4.7.1-1) to Debian unstable. 2021-04-06: Upload package calamares ( to Debian experimental. 2021-04-06: Upload package flask-caching (1.10.1-1) to Debian unstable. 2021-04-06: Upload package xabacus (8.3.5-1) to Debian unstable. 2021-04-06: Upload...


Free Software Activities 2021-01

Yikes, my head is still spinning from what a crazy month January was. Only managed to squeeze in a few uploads. I’ve also been working on an annual DPL summary that I got to about 80% in December and was...


Free Software Activities (2019-09)

It’s been a busy month on a personal level so there’s a bunch of my Debian projects that have been stagnant this month, I hope to fix that over October/November. Upload sponsoring: This month, when sponsoring package uploads for Debian,...