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Free Software Activities 2021-02

The last few weeks was really tough time-wise due to a whole bunch of personal things requiring attention. At least that is cooling down now, in the meantime, here’s last monght’s uploads (16 days late, yikes!). Hope everyone is doing...


Free Software Activities 2021-01

Yikes, my head is still spinning from what a crazy month January was. Only managed to squeeze in a few uploads. I’ve also been working on an annual DPL summary that I got to about 80% in December and was...


Free Software Activities for 2020-12

Here’s a list of some Debian packaging work for December 2020. 2020-12-01: Sponsor package mangohud (0.6.1-1) for Debian unstable (mentors.debian.net request). 2020-12-01: Sponsor package spyne (2.13.16-1) for Debian unstable (Python team request). 2020-12-01: Sponsor package python-xlrd (1.2.0-1) for Debian unstable...