Monthly Archive: May 2007


Geekdinner last night

Last night we had a very enjoyable Geek dinner. Not much left for me to say, I think nbm sums up everything quite nicely. What I will say, is that Antoinne has one of the best evil laughs I’ve ever...


FSF starts new campaign: Play OGG!

In the past, the Free Software Foundation used its funding to fund free software development. More recently, the FSF changed their strategy to fund only critical development, and to use their available funds more for free software campaigns. FSF has...

Ubuntu Developer Summit in Sevilla, Spain 0

Ubuntu Developer Summit in Sevilla, Spain

Ubucon Saturday I went to Ubucon here in Sevilla, and saw Fabian talk about Canonical support, and Jono giving a community talk, “Herding Cats”. Both were quite good, I got them on video, and will upload them as soon as...