I just took my dog for a nice long walk. It’s the last walk we’ll be taking for the next 3 weeks, he already starts moping around if we just skip one day of walking, so I’m going to have to get creative keeping him entertained. My entire country is going on lockdown starting at midnight. People won’t be allowed to leave their homes unless it’s for medical emergencies, to buy food or if their work has been deemed essential.

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic nearing half a million confirmed infections, this has become quite common in the world right now, with about a quarter of the world’s population currently under lockdown and confined to their homes.

Some people may have noticed I’ve been a bit absent recently, I’ve been going through some really rough personal stuff. I’m dealing with it and I’ll be ok, but please practice some patience with me in the immediate future if you’re waiting on anything.

I have a lot of things going on in Debian right now. It helps keeping me busy through all the turmoil and gives me something positive to focus on. I’m running for Debian Project Leader (DPL), I haven’t been able to put in quite the energy into my campaign that I would have liked, but I think it’s going ok under the circumstances. I think because of everything happening in the world it’s been more difficult for other Debianites to participate in debian-vote discussions as well. Recently we also announced Debian Social, a project that’s still in its early phases, but we’ve been trying to get it going for about 2 years, so it’s nice to finally see it shaping up. There’s also plans to put Debian Social and some additional tooling to the test, with the idea to host a MiniDebConf entirely online. No dates have been confirmed yet, we still have a lot of crucial bits to figure out, but you can subscribe to debian-devel-announce and Debian micronews for updates as soon as more information is available.

To everyone out there, stay safe, keep your physical distance for now and don’t lose hope, things will get better again.

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  1. miguemoya says:

    Hello Jonathan here in Spain we have been locked up for two weeks and will remain so until the 15th of April.
    I wish you much strength.
    You’re already a great leader.
    P.d. (Sorry, my English is not that good).

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