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Free Software Activities (2019-11)

TL;DR: Mostly a bunch of package sponsoring this month. :) 2019-11-11: Sponsor package python-tempora (1.14.1-1) for Debian unstable (Python team request). 2019-11-11: Sponsor package python-jaraco.functools (2.0-2) for Debian unstable (Python team request). 2019-11-11: Review package fpylll (Needs some more work)...


Free Software Activities (2019-07)

Group photo above taken at DebConf19 by Agairs Mahinovs. 2019-07-03: Upload calamares-settings-debian (10.0.20-1) (CVE 2019-13179) to debian unstable. 2019-07-05: Upload calamares-settings-debian (10.0.25-1) to debian unstable. 2019-07-06: Debian Buster Live final ISO testing for release, also attended Cape Town buster release...


Free Software Activities (2019-03)

Wow. March is over already. Picture above taken on weekend away on a wine farm in Robertson, Western Cape. Debian packaging work 2019-03-01: Upload new upstream version of bundlewrap (3.6.0-1) to debian unstable. 2019-03-05: Work on updating python-aniso8601 to version...