Free Software Activities (2019-03)

Wow. March is over already. Picture above taken on weekend away on a wine farm in Robertson, Western Cape.

Debian packaging work

2019-03-01: Upload new upstream version of bundlewrap (3.6.0-1) to debian unstable.

2019-03-05: Work on updating python-aniso8601 to version 5.1.0, defer upload due to new dependency: relativetimebuilder (needs packaging).

2019-03-11: Upload live-config (5.20190312) to debian unstable (Closes: #921921).

2019-03-12: Upload new upstream version of powerlevel9k (0.6.7-1) to debian unstable.

2019-03-13: File bug for removal of stale python-fabulous-doc package from debian unstable (ROM: #924469).

2019-03-14: Upload new upstream version of gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-panel (19-1) to debian unstable

2019-03-23: Upload new upstream version of bundlewrap (3.6.1-1) to debian unstable.

2019-03-23: Work on updating gamemode (1.2-1 to 1.3-1), some build problems with inih submodules.

2019-03-23: Upload new upstream version of gnome-shell-extension-dashtodock (66-1~exp1) to debian experimental.

2019-03-24: Upload calamares (3.2.4-4) to debian unstable.

2019-03-24: Upload connectagram (1.2.9-4) to debian unstable.

2019-03-24: Upload fracplanet (0.5.1-4) to debian unstable.

2019-03-24: Upload fractalnow (0.8.2-3) to debian unstable.

2019-03-25: Upload new upstream version of xfce4-screensaver (0.1.4-1~exp1) to debian experimental (Closes: #921835).

2019-03-25: Merge MR#1 for calamares (fix typo).

2019-03-26: File ITP for gnome-shell-extension-draw-on-your screen (ITP: #925518).

2019-03-26: Upload live-wrapper (0.9) to debian unstable (Closes: #924000).

2019-03-28: Upload xfce4-screensaver (0.1.3-1~exp2) to debian experimental.

Debian package sponsoring

2019-03-10: Sponsor package jag (0.3.5-4) for debian unstable (e-mail request).

2019-03-12: Sponsor package vitetris (0.57.2-3) for debian unstable ( request) (Closes: #923969).

2019-03-12: Sponsor package blastem (0.6.3-1) for debian unstable ( request) (Closes: #924177).


Lots of stuff not mentioned here, I’m just not used to tracking this, but will hopefully get better at it.

2019-03-05: Take on two new DebConf roles that will consume a lot of time in the immediate future. I’m joining Nattie in a mentoring role for the DC19 team and heading up the bursaries team for the DC19 cycle.

2019-03-15: DebConf committee meeting to decide DC20 location.

Debian quality assurance

2019-03-11: Spot check latest weekly live builds mostly to check EFI/BIOS status when installing via calamares and current status of all desktop environments.

2019-03-30: Troubleshoot grub/luks/live issues.

Debian project leader campaign

Answered lots of questions throughout the month on the debian-vote list that you can read there.

2019-03-14: Jump into the volcano and declare my self-nomination to run for Debian project leader.

2019-03-18: Submit platform for DPL election to Debian secretary.

2019:03-19: Publish blog post “Running for DPL“.

2019-03-20: Publish blog post “GitLab and Debian“.

2019-03-23: Work on platform rebuttals.

2019-03-26: Publish blog post “DPL 2019 Election: Rebuttals“.

2019-03-28: Publish blog post “Fun and Debian“.

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  1. Regis says:

    OMG! Gnome DrawOnYourScreen! I’ve been wanting this for years. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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