DPL 2019 Election: Rebuttals

Writing rebuttals is not easy. You have to scrutinise the ideas of the people you admire and highlight the flaws in the ideas that they have put a lot of thought in to. At first I wanted to hold back a bit, because I don’t like being mean, but I think it may be a healthy part of the process to offer a critique towards the fellow candidates. I hope that the other candidates will understand that and not take it personally, my feelings towards them have not changed during this process.

Here are the links:

Links to other updated platforms with rebuttals can be found here: https://www.debian.org/vote/2019/vote_001

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  1. 26 March 2019

    […] https://jonathancarter.org/2019/03/26/dpl-2019-election-rebuttals/ Jonathan Carter running for #dpl […]

  2. 31 March 2019

    […] 2019-03-26: Publish blog post “DPL 2019 Election: Rebuttals“. […]

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