What is dented!?

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9 Responses

  1. LucidFox says:

    I should admit, I thought hard over the concept of microblogging. I read articles, watched one video explanation of Twitter. I just don’t get it. Completely and utterly. I fail to understand what it’s for, its use cases, and the problems it’s supposed to solve. The wave of hype just makes me sick.

  2. foo says:

    Its like IRC, but archived on the web (and therefore teh awesum!).

    Think usenet vs forums. Its all taggy and web2.0 and shit.

  3. jonathan says:

    @LucidFox I used to feel that way too, but I’ve actually watched the way some people on IRC use microblogging services, sometimes tracking things like swine flu, etc. Some times people do really cool things with the data that is stored in these tweets/dents.

  4. Jason Crane says:

    Nice post, Jonathan. I also use identi.ca to update my Twitter and Facebook feeds. I didn’t really like it saying “dented,” though, so I turned it off using the identi.ca application page on Facebook. NOTE: This can only be done via Facebook, not directly at the identi.ca site.

  5. Mackenzie says:

    Twitter doesn’t have groups, just Laconi.ca.

    And it’s like…you can put all the random off-topic stuff you think but don’t have anyone nearby to say outloud to on there. Like “wow, the snow looks so pretty.” You would say it out loud if anyone was there, but you’re alone, and saying it on an IRC channel might be a little weird and interruptive, but saying it in microblogging’s ok.

  6. TGM says:

    “””The idea is that people post short status updates (140 characters or less) called “tweets”. When millions of users post their tweets, it starts to resemble an on-line version of a tree full of birds making a lot of short noises.”””

    There was me thinking Facebook was a car-crash made up of many dents :P

  7. Shantanu says:

    Very well said Jonathan. Even I wrote a simple hack to connect a webcam with twitter and make your own real-time security monitoring service :P

  8. James Tait says:

    I had exactly the same question just this weekend. I have the same setup as you, so I actually used identi.ca to update my Facebook status to explain to people what all the “James dented” malarky was about. I think Mackenzie hit the nail on the head about the utility of microblogging. I didn’t see the point for ages, but when I started posting quick updates, more-or-less commentary on what was happening at the time, it started to sink in.

  9. LucidFox says:

    Meh. I hardly see the point of letting people know of what I’m currently doing in real life (who cares?), and for short random thoughts and feedback on them, I’d need a wide friend userbase in microblogging that I don’t have the luxury of having. I’ll stick to IRC.