Sun Microsystems Talk on Office Migration

GLUG hosted a talk tonight by Michael E. Bohn from Sun Microsystems on migration.


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Michael is a German working in South Africa assisting local government with ODF migration, he’s been involved with since the early StarOffice days.


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He talked about:

  • Challenges he’s facing in migrating to
  • Benefits of over MS Office
  • Things that MS Office still does better
  • Migration strategies
  • Document freedom and how important it is to own your data
  • Soft issues around migration, change management
  • Project renaissance
  • OOo’s superior database support
  • Easter eggs in
  • Plugins for (the presenter console looks quite nice)

I asked him about Java and how Sun committed to release it all under a free license two years ago, and whether the aquisition of Oracle would have any effect on that project. He said that unfortunately, if anything, it would make that process slower. Not a big surprise, but I wish Sun could’ve done more to get more of it out there before the aquisition.

I asked him whether would be more open to accepting patches from the community under Oracle. Sun has kept control over quite tight over the years which have resulted in a number of forks. He said that 93% of is developed in Hamburg and that he doesn’t think that that will change because of the Oracle buy-out.

Overall I think the talk was very good. I learned a few things about, and I’m glad that GLUG is hosting talks now, it’s been much needed in the Gauteng free software community.

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  1. Sipke says:

    Hi Jonathan, this sound like a good talk, does Michael Bohn share his presentation, or do you know if the presentation was filmed and available on the net?
    greetings Sipke

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