Russian Schools Switch to Linux and new Edubuntu wallpaper

Found some real good news via Slashdot this morning, Russia will have a locally built Linux distribution, called “Russian OS”, installed in every school in the country by 2009. It doesn’t seem that they’ve chosen on which distribution this will be based on, but I hope it will be Ubuntu. I’d actually be happy with Debian too (as a second prize), but with Ubuntu they get a great system and can get commercial support from Canonical. This is really good news for the open source world. Hopefully we will see more announcements of this kind in the future.


Ooh, and another interesting find in the RSS reader is from Groklaw. Jill Carpenter, who does the artwork for Groklaw, has created a wallpaper for Edubuntu that will be the default wallpaper in Edubuntu 7.10! Way to go Jill!

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  1. Clair says:

    That news is great! Someday I’d hope to see schools in the Philippines use Linux as well but right now, it’s difficult. A congressman is trying to pass a law for that but things still look bleak and the public may not have a clue why it should matter.

    Also, that’s an awesome looking wallpaper :D

  2. Heheh, would it be Rusbuntu then? :P

  3. mybunche says:

    I really hope someone can approach them and make a case for Ubuntu.

  4. I’m from Russia. And i think this school OS will not be Ubuntu or Debian based. It will be rpm based :(
    Why? Because we have in our country two rpm-based distros ALTLinux and ASPLinux.
    And in this year Mandriva create representative center in Russia. And I as i know Mandriva create purviews centers in some Russian Universities.
    Why Canonical has not a representative in Russia? It can be too late. And i think that Mandriva have a lot of proprietary components and in my point of view it is not very stable and secure system.

  5. jonathan says:

    Well, AltLinux did provide comment on a recent BBC story, perhaps they are involved:

  6. Cris says:

    Yes! thats a great move, especially for a highly developed and rich country like Russia. This would lead other countries like the Philippines to turn to Linux.

    To Mam Clair, I’m very glad to tell you that Linux OS, specifically the “Ubuntu” is now being introduced to our Secondary Schools in the Philippines, in fact selected high schools throughout the country received 20 Workstations and 1 Server with Edubuntu Software, bundled with free training for the secondary teachers to integrate ict in teaching and to sustain its ict program, furthermore even advance training were conducted like the System Administrator Training, Web Page Development Training (using Joomla!,great software)… By the way, its also nice to say that this is a project of the Commission on Information & Communications Technology under the Office of the President (of the Philippines). For that we, the secondary teachers who are the “initial” recipient of the project are very much thankful.

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