IkamvaYouth Telkom Protest – October 12

On Friday the 12th of October, my favourite non-profit organisation will be protesting against Telkom‘s appalling service. The protest takes place on 12 October 2007, from parliament in Plein street, to Telkom’s offices in St George’s mall. I’m incredibly unhappy that I won’t be able to attend it (see update below), since I’ll still be in Joburg for business purposes.

I do urge everyone who reads this to give their support to IkamvaYouth for this cause, or even better, attend the protest.

Telkom’s incredibly poor service is doing damage to our country, and it seems to be getting worse with every passing year. This is a good opportunity to make your voice heard, make use of the opportunity.

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  1. 9 October 2007

    […] week I received an email from Jonathan about the IkamvaYouth’s Telkom Toyi Toyi […]

  2. 21 October 2007

    […] I attended the protest against Telkom and their appauling service. Telkom, our national telecoms monopoly, have been raping our country and been causing great damage […]

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