10 More Games from the Ubuntu Universe

Previously, I blogged about 10 games that’s available in the Ubuntu Universe that I found interesting. Since then, the Ubuntu MOTU Games team has merged with the Debian games team, and the amount of packaged games have increased.

Here are 10 more games from the Ubuntu Universe, based on comment-recommendations from the previous article:

1. Battle for Wesnoth

Ubuntu package: wesnoth

Shew, judging by the comment from the previous blog, I should’ve really included Battle for Wesnoth in the first blog post!

2. Nexuiz

Ubuntu package: nexuiz

This wasn’t packaged for Ubuntu previously, another community devleped first person shooter.

3. Torcs

Ubuntu package: torcs

Racing game, the picture basically sums it up.

4. Frozen Bubble

Ubuntu package: frozen-bubble

Fun little game, you can even play it 2 players with your girlfriend (and she’ll enjoy it).

5. Enigma

Ubuntu package: enigma

Puzzle game with interesting mouse controls

6. Ur-Quan Masters

Ubuntu package: uqm

Previously known as Star Control 2, this game is now free software and available for Ubuntu.

7. OpenArena

Ubuntu package: openarena

First person shooter based on the Quake III engine.

8. LBreakout2

Ubuntu package: lbreakout2

“Breakout is a stupid game.”

9. Fillets ‘o Fish

Ubuntu package: fillets-ng

Fun little puzzle game. At times hard to figure out how to play though.

10. Rrootage

Ubuntu package: rrootage

Why stop here!?

There’s much more games available for Ubuntu, here are some links to set you on your journey.

Have fun!

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17 Responses

  1. Jonas says:

    Well, you missed the best game…

    “The Quest for the Lost Dependency Package”

    Sorry, couldn’t resist stealing from Uncyclopedia…

  2. Jim says:

    What would be involved in getting World of Padman packaged for Ubuntu? This is a really cool game but very difficult to get. I noticed that many of the download sites were either down or required registration.

  3. May I add Metal Blob Solid (package: blobwars), an addictive jump’n’run and Starfighter (package: starfighter), a 4-way scrolling shooter. Both are very high-quality games. Then I like Globulation2 alot, which is a strategy game similar to Starcraft/Warcraft.

  4. shermann says:

    Hey Jonathan :)

    You know, I’m an old fart and a C64 fanatic…
    So you just forgot the very best of all games: OOLite…
    A “Elite” Clone for Unix etc. written in ObjectiveC for the Gnustep environment, will run as well on plane gnome or kde…and it gives you back the “Elite” feeling :)

    Oh, last but not least, NJAM, the enhanced network pacman game…really cool stuff :)



  5. WTF says:

    Post Links next time please WTF NOT Links to Pics :) (This helps out people who don’t use Linux distros that use Deb-like Package management system!)

  6. Hmmm… torcs seems to fail to run in gutsy:
    burner@phoenix:~$ torcs
    Visual Properties Report
    Compatibility mode, properties unknown.
    /usr/games/torcs: line 52: 25346 Segmentation fault (core dumped) $LIBDIR/torcs-bin -l $LOCAL_CONF -L $LIBDIR -D $DATADIR $*

  7. #6: you can even play it 2 players with your girlfriend (and she’ll enjoy it).

    What are you trying to imply about women here? Are you sure this is compatible with the second paragraph of the Code of Conduct (Be respectful)?

    Frozen Bubble, LBreakout and Enigma are some of the best examples of free-to-use old-school games, open- or closed-source, and as such are great advertisements for open source.

  8. Patrick says:

    I love Ubuntu but the game situation sucks big time. Yes there are games like those above but I personally find them mostly antiquated, uninteresting mediocre knock offs. Every time I see another blog post about games for Ubuntu I see the same 10 or so games recycled. Let’s not kid ourselves, one or two Linux games in each gaming genre is a disappointing state of gaming.

  9. jonathan says:

    Jim: to get Padman in Ubuntu, you might want to get in touch with the Debian games team: http://wiki.debian.org/Games

    Shermann and \sh: heh, I did in fact install oolite, but it wouldn’t run on my computer. I think it might be because sound is broken with my current chipset :(

    WTF: non-deb systems!? oh no! :)

    Greg: Yes, sorry, it wasn’t meant to be derogative or sexist in any way. I’ll refrain from talking like that again in the future, thanks for pointing that out.

    Patrick: Yes, the state of gaming in Linux is quite sad, but there are some big improvements now and again. Both the amount and quality of games that’s available in the Ubuntu archives have improved over the few last releases. Admittingly, not closely enough to satisfy the demand.

  10. Andras says:

    The link for “Rangit.com’s top 8 Linux games for 2007” is incorrect, it goes to http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2007/08/31/two-more-linux-games

  11. @Greg K Nichlson

    He’s implying that geek’s girlfriends tend not to care as much as we do about computers.

    Your girlfriend may not care if you try to explain why upstart is better than sysvinit, or why the open source development model is superior to the closed source.

    But if you gonna play Frozen Bubbles with her, it’s something computer-related that she might even enjoy it.

    At least that’s how I understood the joke.

  12. jonathan says:

    Heh. Yes Alessandro, it’s actually a bit of an in-joke, which is why I shouldn’t have said it. My friend’s girlfriend isn’t really interested in GNU/Linux, but once while we were on holiday, I saw her playing Frozen Bubble on his laptop: http://photos.jonathancarter.co.za/album/holiday2006/PICT0128.jpg.html


  13. Laika says:

    You list several excellent games here and also in your earlier blog note. I haven’t tried them all yet but I’m certainly going to give some of those a try. I already love wesnoth and fillets-ng. And frozen-bubble should be one of the very first things that people get to see when they first try GNU/Linux — it shows that GNU/Linux isn’t just useful, it’s also fun! Crack-attack and pingus are also very nice games. When people realize what cool Free Software games there are already available, they are more likely to help the community to make the existing games better and to create new cool games. ;-)

    It’s great to see that Ubuntu and Debian work together, for the benefit of us users. Please add the GUI games browser, GoPlay!, from Debian to Ubuntu universe. It’s the easiest way to view the available games.

  14. Han Dao says:

    jonathan, you refer to my wiki as gratis website. That’s not nice!

    Mine is a wiki for free software games, not freewares!

  15. jonathan says:

    Eesh, sorry Han, I will make a correction!

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