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Free Software Activities (2019-01)

I used to think monthly logs are too much effort, but I decided to give it a go and it ended up being easy and very non-intrusive to my workflow. Above picture taken at Rhodes memorial while riding bike around...


Plans for DebCamp17

In a few days, I’ll be attending DebCamp17 in Montréal, Canada. Here are a few things I plan to pay attention to: Calamares: My main goal is to get Calamares in a great state for inclusion in the archives, along with...


Political Tendencies

The Stereotype Recently, Jordan Mantha blogged about being excited about Palin joining McCain‘s campaign. Some of the comments were quite harsh, some even suggesting that it’s wrong to support the Republicans, being a free software developer and affiated with the...


CTWUG Committee Formed

Yesterday, the Cape Town Wireless Users Group (CT-WUG) met and elected our first committee. I’ve only been on the WUG a few months, users connect to high-sites put up on the hills and high buildings, and the high-sites are connected...



Wow. Since June 1991, we’ve seen this in copyright notices in plenty of free software projects: GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, June 1991 And today, that changed to: GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, 29 June 2007 I am...


FSF starts new campaign: Play OGG!

In the past, the Free Software Foundation used its funding to fund free software development. More recently, the FSF changed their strategy to fund only critical development, and to use their available funds more for free software campaigns. FSF has...

Ubuntu Developer Summit in Sevilla, Spain 0

Ubuntu Developer Summit in Sevilla, Spain

Ubucon Saturday I went to Ubucon here in Sevilla, and saw Fabian talk about Canonical support, and Jono giving a community talk, “Herding Cats”. Both were quite good, I got them on video, and will upload them as soon as...


Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 Released

How often can you say “Today they released a new version of Debian GNU/linux” (and tell the truth)? Well, not that often, and certainly not as often as in the Ubuntu world. Today is one of those days, the Debian...


Ubuntu Certified!

Tonight I got some post from my old place (which mostly contained some old bank statements), but inbetween, there was a really cool surprise, my Ubuntu Certified Professional certificate and card! Whohoo!



Last night I went to the well attended Geekdinner, organised by Johann “Joe” Botha. I didn’t expect much from the geekdinner, the general perception was that there was going to be mostly ‘glamblogger/glamgeeks’ (we should get a proper name for...


Digital Freedom Expo 2007

On April the 19th, just over a month from now, the Digital Freedom Expo will take place at the University of the Western Cape and will run for two days. It will host high-profile speakers including: Prof Lawrence Lessig, founder...


First week at Impi

I spent the last week in Johannesburg, at the Impi Linux offices, where I’ve been freshly employed. It’s quite exciting, our local government is making a strong move to open source and free software, and Impi Linux is already signed...


Free OpenSolaris discs

Sun Microsystems is shipping free OpenSolaris discs, which also includes Nexenta (a combination of Ubuntu and the OpenSolaris kernel). I think I’ll try Nexenta on my home server, so that I can finally try ZFS, which I’ve been meaning to...