Becta advises against Windows Vista in Britain schools

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3 Responses

  1. Lynn says:

    I find it difficult to fathom how Vista was ever released. If I had wanted something as slow as Vista I’d have kept my old 386 steam driven PC from 15yrs ago as well as the dot matrix printer that went with it! Doubtless Microsoft will release a new version or ditch Vista altogether and bring out something to replace it. The question is will existing Vista users be left tearing out chunks of hair and reaching for the Valium while Vista takes it’s sweet old time to load….anything!

  2. pal says:

    Good decision. Openoffice is enough fordd

  3. Mark says:

    I work for an educational technology project which uses Microsoft products extensively. Today I asked whether they will be switching over to Vista and the answer seems at the moment is “NO!”. They are not going to dump XP in the near future though since many of their applications are written for Windows. There are no Linux options. SUSE(?) Linux seems to be their alternative.

    I have switched over to Linux Mint since I have built up a dislike for the “closed” nature of Microsoft. Vista is not for me. I have for years being using OOo, Thunderbird, Firefox and other OS programs on a Windows platform and I enjoy them.

    I am now in the market for buying a laptop and I cannot get one without Vista installed on it. Any suggestions for buying a reasonable laptop where most things will work with Linux?

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