Nokia to buy Trolltech

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6 Responses

  1. Vincent says:

    You got a Neo? Cool :)

    Yep, mobile Linux is coming ;)

  2. troll says:

    Oh this is a disaster for Nokia phones :-( Why on earth would anyone sane start using QT :o Unbelievable. The purchase really does not make any sense.

  3. You have an OpenMoko! How is it? I really really want to get one, but the beta tag makes me nervous, although beta never really worried me as a geek, but beta hardware does. Tell me more, I must know!

  4. jonathan says:

    Yep, I guess I’ll do a blog post next weekend about my Neo then :)

  5. pabs says:

    Their promise doesn’t really fit with their record – supporting pro-patent forces in the EU, calling OGG proprietary (WTF), etc. I’m not happy about this at all, even if I don’t use Qt/Qtopia.

  1. 28 January 2008

    […] Jonathan Carter’s Blog Nokia to buy Trolltech […]

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