Linux kernel running in your browser

This is just awesome and surprisingly fast! A Linux kernel running under an emulator written in JavaScript:

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7 Responses

  1. cnd says:

    Nice, but how can i run this?

  2. cnd says:

    Never mind, i found it.

  3. Spanky says:

    One for the beards…..

  4. Russell says:

    This is an interesting find, nice job :)

    How cool is it to run Linux in your web browser, very cool!

  5. LGB says:

    Hehe, bit useless for the “real life”, but interesting :) What came into my mind: it can be used to test the performance of JS of different browsers, just run some benchmark within the “JS/Linux”, if the physical machine (which runs the browser) is the same, it’s a more “real life” comparsion of JS performance than JS benchmarks which are made to give good points for a selected browser for example :)

  6. Do you know if this ‘boots’ on an iPad?

  7. jonathan says:

    I haven’t tested it on an iPad but if the javascript engine in the version of Safari it ships is recent enough then there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work.

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