What’s happening in Edubuntu for Oneiric?

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3 Responses

  1. Laserjock says:

    Awesome stuff Edupeople!

    Looks like a lot of great work is paying off. Keep having fun with it!

  2. Great work and program.

    Is there any plan to integrate educators (teachers, pedagogical consultants) ?

    Also, I know that Edubuntu is very intresting for Special Need students : do you think it would be possible to have a selection of software useful for special need students ?


  3. Martin Owens says:

    I’m sorry I missed the meeting, it sounds very useful.

    So, the thing about managing a set of desktops is that we don’t really have all of the tech sorted out (some, but not quite all). I guess Edubuntu server edition is out of the question? ;-) Keep it the same as Edubuntu (with desktop) but with some client management pieces?

    I guess it depends if the LTSP supports requires Edubuntu to already be a server, or if you do have a client separation somehow.

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