My Father is a Case Modder

A few weeks ago I saw something strange in my father’s garage and asked what it was. He said “Oh! It’s my computer! Have you seen it yet?”. I wondered why it was in the garage and it didn’t look like any computer of him I’ve seen before. He told me that it’s a work in progress and took it outside.


It turns out it wasn’t even a computer anymore. He modded it and turned it into a power supply unit. From everyone I know, I didn’t really expect my father to be a case modder. Sometimes life is just full of weird little surprises :)

When I stop by again I’ll find out whether he’s finished it and add some updates to this post! The original case was quite rusted and he resprayed it. The sides were still rusted about to be re-sprayed.

More pictures:




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3 Responses

  1. braingram says:

    Any chance you can convince him to write up an instructable ( on the build?

  2. jonathan says:

    @braingram I’ll ask him. I think he’ll actually enjoy doing it.

  3. Paul Gupta says:

    What is he using this power supply for? those are some pretty epic capacitors in that case…

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