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Sun Microsystems Talk on Office Migration

GLUG hosted a talk tonight by Michael E. Bohn from Sun Microsystems on OpenOffice.org migration. Blurry Phone Pic Michael is a German working in South Africa assisting local government with ODF migration, he’s been involved with OpenOffice.org since the early...


Oracle to Buy Sun Microsystems

A few weeks ago, it was common knowledge that IBM was going to aquire Sun Microsystems. That deal has subsequently been canceled and today, Sun Microsystems anounced that they will now be bought out by Oracle. Oracle is a large...


More Easter Eggs in Ubuntu

Easter time! I’m going to spend the next few days off-line attending some music festivals (KKNK, KoDV, Cokefest, etc). I kept a list of all the easter eggs I’ve gathered in Ubuntu since the last time I blogged about Ubuntu...