70 000 Ubuntu workstation migration for French Police

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6 Responses

  1. Jongleur says:

    Actually it is not the Police but the Gendarmerie.

    The police depends on the Interior Ministry whereas the Gendarmerie depends on the Army Ministry.

    They do quite the same job, but Police deals exclusively with affairs that belongs and occurs to/in their city.

  2. troll says:

    7 millions is not really much money. To put the things in correct perspective the last place I worked at had just spent 2 BILLION euros for one single information system. Big businesses barely bother to see the 7 millions at all as a cost, it all depends on the value provided.

  3. Martin says:

    Strange, I usually hear the big companies fight for every penny.

  4. Poupoul2 says:

    Actually, as a French citizen, I find it great. Even if the amount of not-spent money is not that huge, I’m glad they chose that way in such an important French administration.
    Keep the good job

  5. jonathan says:

    Jongleur, thanks for clearing that up, I didn’t quite understand the difference before.

    Troll, I guess you’re right, in the big scheme of things, €7m is probably not much, but in 3rd world countries (like here in South Africa), we pay just as much for software licenses as our European counterparts, and saving €7m here can make a difference to many people.

  1. 30 January 2008

    […] La policía francesa migrará 70.000 de sus estaciones de trabajo  de Windows a Ubuntu…. Planean cambiar 5000-8000 escritorios este año, y 12000 – 15000 durante los próximos 4 años, y completar la migración en 2014. […]

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