bashtop, now in buster-backports

Recently, I discovered bashtop, yet another fancy top-like utility that’s mostly written in bash (it uses some python3-psutil and shells out to other common system utilities). I like its use of high-colour graphics and despite being written in bash, it’s not as resource heavy as I would have expected and also quite snappy (even on a raspberry pi). While writing this post, I also discovered that the author of bashtop ported it to Python and that the python version is called bpytop (hmm, doesn’t quite have the same ring to it), which is even faster and less resource intensive than the bash version (although I haven’t tried that yet, I guess I will soon…).

I set out to package it, but someone beat me to it, but since I’m also on the backports team these days, I went ahead and backported it for buster. So if you have backports enabled, you can now install it using “apt install bashtop -t buster-backports”.

Dylan Aïssi, who packaged bashtop in Debian, has already filed an ITP for bpytop, so we’ll soon have yet another top-like tool in our collection :-)

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