Phone upgraded to Debian 12

A long time ago, before the pandemic, I bought a Librem 5 phone from Purism. I also moved home since then, and sadly my phone was sleeping peacefully in a box in the garage since I moved.

When I was in Hamburg last month, I saw how great Mobian and Phosh was coming along, and this inspired me to go dig up the Librem 5 which was about 2 Debian releases behind, and upgrade it to the latest and greatest version.

I followed the instruction on the Debian wiki, and after some stumbles, managed to flash it with the latest Mobian image:

It’s still a big bulky phone, but Phosh has really come a long way and the phone feels so much more responsive and usable now. It’s also the first time I tried out the new GNOME Console app (I hope they consider taking some features from JuiceSSH so that it’s easier to run apps like mc and irssi on the phone).

Next up I want to try out some progressive web apps and also check what the latest state of emulating Android apps is. I’ve also been meaning to follow some GTK tutorials, and trying out some ideas on a mobile device motivates me a bit more to do that.

It’s really impressive the large amount of work people put into making Debian and a mobile GNOME experience work so well on a phone! Good job to everyone who contributes to this eco-system!

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