Debian 12

Last month, the Debian project released Debian 12, with the usual low-key fanfare that Debian usually announces a release with. Even though we shipped with some bugs we’d rather not have (which are at least fixable over the next point releases), the feedback for Debian 12 has been nothing short of overwhelmingly good. From users to the independent Linux blogs to the YouTubers to the tech news sites, the vast majority of feedback so far is that it’s not just one of Debian’s most important releases, but also an incredibly timely one, considering other distributions with stable releases- most of which who come from commercial companies who do not necessarily have their user’s best interest at heart.

I deleted my original draft for this blog post, it was getting incredibly long, and I’ll split it up over a few upcoming posts instead. The most important message I want to convey here is a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to Debian 12 in any form. Your work is incredibly important, and the result of that work over this release was nothing short of spectacular. Consider yourself a hero!

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