Plans for DebCamp17

In a few days, I’ll be attending DebCamp17 in Montréal, Canada. Here are a few things I plan to pay attention to:

  • Calamares: My main goal is to get Calamares in a great state for inclusion in the archives, along with sane default configuration for Debian (calamares-settings-debian) that can easily be adapted for derivatives. Calamares itself is already looking good and might make it into the archives before DebCamp even starts, but the settings package will still need some work.
  • Gnome Shell Extensions: During the stretch development cycle I made great progress in packaging some of the most popular shell extensions, but there are a few more that I’d like to get in for buster: apt-update-indicator, dash-to-panel (done), proxy-switcher, tilix-dropdown, tilix-shortcut
  • zram-tools: Fix a few remaining issues in zram-tools and get it packaged into the archive.
  • DebConf Committee: Since January, I’ve been a delegate on the DebConf committee, I’m hoping that we get some time to catch up in person before DebConf starts. We’ve been working on some issues together recently and so far we’ve been working together really well. We’re working on keeping DebConf organisation stable and improving community processes, and I hope that by the end of DebConf we’ll have some proposals that will prevent some re-occurring problems and also help mend old wounds from previous years.
  • ISO Image Writer: I plan to try out Jonathan Riddell’s iso image writer tool and check whether it works with the use cases I’m interested in (Debian install and live media, images created with Calamares, boots UEFI/BIOS on optical and usb media). If it does what I want I’ll probably package it too if Jonathan Riddell didn’t get to it yet.
  • Hashcheck: Kyle Robertze wrote a tool called Hashcheck for checking install media checksums from a live environment. If he gets a break during DebCamp from video team stuff, I’m hoping we can look at some improvements for it and also getting it packaged in Debian.

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    I guess you know somebody there to fix this. o/

  2. jonathan says:

    Hey Daniel, yep thanks, they’ll sort it out asap.

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