Free Software Activities (2019-01)

I used to think monthly logs are too much effort, but I decided to give it a go and it ended up being easy and very non-intrusive to my workflow. Above picture taken at Rhodes memorial while riding bike around Cape Town.

2019-01-01 Published Debian Package of the Day #59: bastet ( / YouTube)

2019-01 01: Start working on updating Planet Debian policy

2019-01-02: Read 191/349 pages of Python Interviews – Discussions with Python experts

2019-01-03: Update Planet Debian policy, make it live and announce it

2019-01-03: Continued discussion of xfce-screensaver‘s future in Debian (ITP: #911115)

2019-01-03: Sponsor package: camlimages (4.2.6-1) (, grant dm upload rights for uploader

2019-01-03: Various discussions regarding DebConf20 bids, following Lisbon recon team live updates

2019-01-04: Finish reading Python Interviews – Discussions with Python experts

2019-01-04: Adopt aalib package, upload new package with vcs now on

2019-01-04: Upload new upstream version of toot (0.20.0-1) to debian unstable

2019-01-04: Upload new upstream version of bundlewrap (3.5.3-1) to debian unstable

2019-01-04: Upload new upstream version of flask-restful (0.3.7-1) to debian unstable

2019-01-04: Upload new upstream version of gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-panel (17-1) to debian unstable

2019-01-04: Sponsor package: pass-otp (1.2.0-1) (e-mail request)

2019-01-04: Troubleshoot pythonqt, give up in frustration and take a break for the weekend instead

2019-01-07: Backport firmware-nonfree (20180825+dfsg-2~aimsppa1) for AIMS Desktop (mostly for RTL8237AU support)

2019-01-07: Upload new package xfce4-screensaver (0.1.3-1) to debian experimental

2019-01-08: Update calamares-settings-debian (10.0.15) with preliminary buster artwork and work around stale fstab file left behind by live-build and upload to debian unstable (10.0.15-1). Fix description typo that will be released with next upload (Closes: #918222)

2019-01-09: Fix a whole bunch of AIMS Desktop build related problems and build updated stretch/buster images for testing.

2019-01-10: Upload new upstream version of calamares (3.2.3-1) to debian unstable

2019-01-10: Upload new upstream version of python aniso8601 (4.1.0-1) to debian unstable

2019-01-10: Work on initial announcement for Buster artwork selection

2019-01-13: Upload xfce4-screensaver (0.13-2) (Closes: #919151) (Whoops, accidental upload to unstable, file #919348 to prevent it migrating to testing)

2019-01-11: Initial upload of fonts-quicksand (0.2016.1) to debian unstable (Closes: #918995)

Calamares on Debian Live using new buster artwork

2019-01-15: Test new calamares with buster artwork on debian-live weekly builds

2019-01-16: Upload new upstream version of dash-to-panel gnome shell extention (18-1) to debian unstable

2019-01-16: Release new calamares-settings-debian that fixes setups that contain swap partitions + full disk encryption (10.0.16), upload to debian unstable (10.0.16-1) which also fixes a typo (Closes: #918222)

2019-01-17: Upload new live-installer (57) to remove calamares-settings-debian after live install from d-i

2019-01-17: DebConf meeting with DC20 bid teams to ask questions from DebConf Committee and improve bid pages

2019-01-18: Prepare artwork upload for debian-installer, upload rootskel-gtk (1.41) to debian unstable

2019-01-18: Spent lots of time going through debian-installer code, started working on some skeleton concepts for some ideas that I have that I’ll publicly publish some other time

2019-01-19: Started working on some proof-of-concept system installer code in python3, worked mostly on structure and module importing. More on this much later

2019-01-20: Worked on keyboard, localisation and partitioning modules for a concept distro-installer

2019-01-21: Uploaded fonts-quicksand (0.2016-2) with some minor fixes to correct lintian warnings

2019-01-21: Upload calamares (3.2.3-2), add libpwquality-dev and remove patch to use sudo instead of pkexec (not that pkexec seems to work everywhere)

2019-01-22: Sign gpg key of local Debianite who should soon apply for DD

2019-01-22: Adopt and upload preload (0.6.4-3) (Closes: #646216)

2019-01-22: Reviewed package siconos (4.2.0+git20181026.0ee5349+dfsg-1) (needs a little more work)

2019-01-22: Review package libcxx-serial (1.2.1-1) (needs a little more work)

2019-01-22: Sponsor package budgie-extras (0.7.0-1) ( request) (Closes: #917724)

2019-01-23: Sponsor package osmose-emulator (1.4-1) ( request) (Closes: #918507)

2019-01-23: Sponsor package dhcpcd5 (7.0.8-1) ( request) (Closes: #914070)

2019-01-23: Review package pcapy (0.11.4-1) (needs some more work)

2019-01-23: Sponsor package blastem (0.6.1-1) ( request) (Closes: #919541)

2019-01-23: Review package owlr (5.2.0-1) (needs some more work)

2019-01-23: Upload preload (0.6.4-4) to debian experimental (Closes: #920197, #861937, #893374, #697071)

2019-01-23: Fix some bootloader related stuff when using d-i on AIMS Desktop, add README entry in GRUB.

2019-01-24: Sponsor package dhcpcd5 (7.0.8-2) (e-mail request)

2019-01-24: Upload preload (0.6.4-5~exp1) to debian experimental (attempt to fix some niggles)

2019-01-25: Start traveling from Cape Town to Brussels for Debconf video sprint and FOSDEM (thanks to Debian for covering travelling expenses)

2019-01-29: Sponsor packages for DD with expired: key git-review (1.27.0-1), q-text-as-data (1.7.4+2018.12.21+git+28f776ed46-1), swift (2.19.0-4)

Thanks to Linuxbe for providing the hackspace, drinks and kind hospitality for the DebConf video sprint!

2019-01-28: Day 1 of DebConf video sprint. Work on tillytally (now ToeTally), start to unhardcode test cards, implement planned cards and initial discussion with integrating with voctomix-core.

ToeTally is a tally display system that will be mounted above DebConf video cameras, replacing existing tally lights that work over serial, it should make it easier for the director to co-ordinate the stream. It’s also very early work in progress.

2019-01-29: Learn about raspberry pi netbooting, figure, tweak and build debian(ish) images using rpi23-gen-image (for later use on video tally system)

2019-01-30: Spent some time with Andy from video team properly speccing out Tally project, renamed from TillyTally to ToeTally.

2019-01-31: Started working on cross-building scripts for building tally system (arm64) boot environment on x86 that will eventually be deployed using existing video team Ansible setup.

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