Free Software Activities (2019-05)

A relatively quiet free software month, I’m feeling the Debian Buster final freeze fatigue for sure. Also dealt with a bunch of personal and work stuff that kept me busy otherwise, and also, haven’t been very good at logging activities so this will be short one…

Debian packaging work

2019-05-01: Upload live-wrapper (0.10) to debian unstable (Closes: #927216, #927217).

2019-05-01: Upload live-tasks (0.6) to debian unstable (Closes: #924211, #924214, #925331).

2019-05-16: Upload live-tasks (0.7) to debian unstable (Closes: #866391)

2019-05-24: File unblock request for live-tasks (0.7)

Debian live

2019-05-01: Update debian-live local scripts to fix stale fstab, duplicate sources.list entries.

2019-05-02: Full testing on daily build media.

2019-05-02: Prepare Debian Live RC1 announcement.

2019-05-03: Spot check testing on RC1 builds.


2019-05-01: Submit DebConf BoF proposal for “100 Paper cuts kick-off“.

2019-05-01: Post initial bursary results.

2019-05-02: Post bursary results for smaller (<$200) amounts.

2019-05-02: Submit DebConf BoF proposal for “Debian Live“.

And lots of bursaries admin throughout the month. To be honest I’m glad that the bulk of it is mostly over.

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