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First Debian Upload

// May 21st, 2011 // 3 Comments » // Free Software

I woke up this morning to the notification that my first ever Debian upload (sponsored by Vagrant Cascadian) has been accepted into the archives and along with it, my first Debian bug fix! It’s admittingly not the most exciting package, but it’s historic for me, hopefully the first of 100’s or even 1000’s of uploads! I have some more ambitious uploads coming up, stay tuned.

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Linux kernel running in your browser

// May 17th, 2011 // 7 Comments » // Free Software

This is just awesome and surprisingly fast! A Linux kernel running under an emulator written in JavaScript:

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What’s happening in Edubuntu for Oneiric?

// May 10th, 2011 // 3 Comments » // Education, Free Software

Edubuntu at UDS

Today we had a session at the Ubuntu Developer Summit at Budapest covering the work in Edubuntu for the next release cycle. Not all of the items are assigned to someone yet (especially with the documentation), so if you’d like to get involved, please give us a ping on IRC or mailing list.

Fixes, improvements and some low hanging fruit


  • Make LTSP Live translatable
  • Add ability  to set LTSP language from installer
  • Add Ubiquity page to add additional languages at install time
  • Edubuntu installer options itself should be translatable, main inclusion will probably be the easiest fix
  • Fix a translation bug in LDM
  • Investigate translation of, and whether we can migrate to Drupal 7 first before that to prevent future migration headaches

Installer /Upgrades specific:

  • Offer to create a new LTSP chroot on upgrades
  • Use the right wallpaper with the install-only environments (currently uses the Ubuntu default)
  • Add wubi support to DVD


  • Troubleshooting guide for common problems and questions found in schools and similar environments
    • Why can’t I access certain websites (who to install non-free flash, sun-java, etc)
  • Howtos:
    • How to configure smart boards and similar devices
    • How to install and maintain Moodle (yes, we’re giving up on packaging web stuff)
    • How to install and maintain Koha
    • How to install and maintain
    • How to install common wine apps used in schools that work, list those that we know don’t and link to wineappdb

Ongoing work through this cycle:

  • Monitor the Gnome 3 transition, look at what’s broken in tools such as Pessulus, Sabayon and Nanny and get involved where possible
  • Improve Edubuntu Live Welcome slides for the Live USB and WebLive environments, make it more generic so that other derivatives could use the underlying scripts as well

Big Hairy Audacious Goals

If our goal is to bring the best of educational free software available together in one easy to install system then I think this release will get us there, but where to next? We want to grow the Edubuntu community but we can’t do that unless we add some new and exciting things to our to do list. One thing that has come up over and over again and that I bought up in the UDS session but we got no answer for is in which direction we should start going next. Should Edubuntu focus more on making system administration and management of computer labs in schools easier and simpler? Or should we focus on education and pedagogy and make the system better geared towards being a great teaching tool? We could even alternate between a focus on each of those for each release cycle, but it would be nice to get some big dream ideal world goals down that we could chase in Edubuntu. I think that we’re past the point where we should ‘take it safe’ when planning new Edubuntu  features, I think we’re in the position now to take some big decisions and grow our community to make it happen.

Any thoughts or ideas?

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UDS for Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) in Budapest

// May 7th, 2011 // 1 Comment » // Free Software

Last month was the first month in 6 years that I haven’t blogged. It’s been a busy period but I’m taking a few days to relax with family in Switzerland and get psyched for the Ubuntu Developer Summit taking place in Budapest next week.

I’m checking the schedule to see what’s interesting and started writing it down, but thought that I might as well post it publicly, since I’ll be writing some summaries from my perspective and posting them to Planet Ubuntu.

Sessions marked in bold are sessions I 100% want or have to be at, either because they affect things we work with at Révolution Linux, Edubuntu, Debian collaboration or otherwise packaging things and membership. I’m flexible on other sessions and might change my mind, especially if someone would like me to attend anothe session for whatever reason.


Monday’s Schedule:

09:00 - Plenary - Introduction and Keynote
10:00 - Kazincy - Community Roundtable
11:00 - Petofi - Feedback on Natty cycle
12:00 - Krudy - Improvements and ideas for WebLive
14:00 - Plenary - Qt
14:15 - Plenary - Ubuntu Server motivations
14:30 - Plenary - Linaro Topic (TBD)
14:45 - Plenary - The future of the universe, continued
15:00 - Undecided
16:15 - Mikszath - NGO Team Oneiric plans
17:05 - Jokai - Network boot prototype for Linaro


Tuesday’s schedule  –

09:00 - Kazincy - Community Roundtable
10:00 - TAS - Server Install Experience
11:00 - Kond - Edubuntu Plans for Oneiric
12:00 - Dery - Debian Health Check
14:00 - Plenary - Linaro Platform Challenges
14:15 - Plenary - Linaro Validation - LAVA
14:30 - Plenary - Linaro and Android
15:00 - Dery - DEX - Improving cross-distribution collaboration with Debian
16:15 - Dery - GTK 3 / Gnome 3 in Oneiric

17:05 - Undecided


Wednesday’s schedule –

09:00 - Dery - Maintenance of the Mozilla packages in the new world
10:00 - Dery - Natty Tech Board, DX, Desktop, and Release Team retrospective
11:00 - Kazincy - Possible use for application sandboxing with containers
12:00 - Kond - LibreOffice Packaging for Oneiric
14:00 - Plenary - The Magic Behind WebLive
14:15 - Plenary - Delicious Recipes
14:30 - Plenary - Wine as a Performance Metric
14:45 - Plenary - Building Applications with Ubuntu One
15:00 - Undecided
16:15 - Mikszath - Ubuntu Development Bottlenecks
17:05 - TAS - Ask Mark (Q+A with sabdfl)


Thursday’s schedule –

09:00 - Kazincy - Community Thursday Roundtable
10:00 - Kond - Ubuntu Membership behavior and Code of Conduct outside community
11:00 - Arany - Main inclusion requests from Canonical's corporate partners
12:00 - Dery - LightDM for Display Management
14:00 - Plenary - Linaro showcase and prizes
14:15 - Plenary - Intro to Openstack, LXC
14:30 - Plenary - What's wrong with UDS and how we can fix it
14:45 - Plenary - Group Photo
15:00 - Huba - Summit development plans from UDS-O
16:15 - Petofi - Ubuntu Server Puppet Integration
17:05 - Kond - Collaboration between Debian-Edu and Edubuntu


Friday’s Schedule –

09:00 - Kazincy - Community Friday Roundtable
10:00 - Krudy - App Review Board Review and Assessment
11:00 - Jozsef - debdelta support
12:00 - Jozsef - Redefine membership policy for Ubuntu Bug Control
14:00 - Plenary - Lightning talks
15:00 - Krudy - LXC improvements
16:15 - Kazincy - Governance Roundtable

17:05 - Plenary - UDS Wrapup

It’s going to be a big week! I’m excited to see everyone who will be attending!

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