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LLXC: My little python3-lxc based project

My foray into the world of LXC and RLXC A few months ago, I started trying out LXC (Linux Containers). Before that I used to use OpenVZ, which is an older and more mature contextualization implementation....


Edubuntu Live Welcome

Simple Greeter for Live Systems During the last development cycle we launched Edubuntu WebLive, which uses a Drupal module to create remote users on an application server and connect the user via NX. We...


Geekdinner Cape Town: Quarrelsome Quince

Last night I attended the Quarrelsome Quince Geekdinner (wow it’s the end of November already!?). It was ok. The talks were good, Adrianna Pinska (aka confluence) did very well on the kareoke slideshow which...