I’m bringing edgy back

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  1. cbx33 says:

    Dude that totally rocks
    Well done
    Great work

  2. andrew says:

    nice work – Is there any way you can post a link to that background?

  3. Thomas Shutt says:

    you’re doing some really great work by the looks of it, keep it up!

  4. Dave Jones says:

    Just how far along is the Xhosa translation? I kind of may be i fonly thought I could help with that, perhaps :-p
    Please let me know.

  5. Jeff Waugh says:

    … and the background is perfect for all those kids on acid!

    Rocking stuff, Jonathan. :-)

  6. Kevin Mark says:

    Hi J C,
    great work! keep it up! I was browsing the XOLA site. This look very interesting to me. Maybe start a project to get this ‘web format’ help to run on a local Debian, etc. box as a basic help for many different type of users. Add ‘modules’ for issues on other topics: tex help, font issues help, mutt problems, etc….
    And the ‘age appropriate’, ‘culturally sensitive’, etc. wikipedia seems like a good idea to get wide acceptance of FLOSS. We dont want to offend anyone, only get them better educated with freedom-enhancing tools.

  7. Hrm. Loading multiple copies of Tux Paint? Does the lockfile mechanism not help in your situation?

    Take care & happy new year,


  8. Hamada says:

    You’ve made a nice work!!
    I’m from Morocco (north Africa) and, I’m working on a semilar project: making an edubuntu custumisation for the Moroccan and Arab young users. and we can help you if you plan to translate it into Arabic, we hope too please provide us with the source or iso link to download your distro to build our work upon rather than makeing everything from scratch:-)
    keep working & happy new year,

  9. Kagiso says:

    what you are doing is wonderfull broer. keep it up

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