What’s been happening with Edubuntu?

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  1. Dinda says:

    You folks rock! I’m really looking forward to new release. I just downloaded Edubuntu 9.10 to start writing some training materials for teachers for the Kids on Computers project and hope to share those with the community soon. Keep up the great work!

  2. LaserJock says:

    Wow! This is so awesome to see! Congrats Edubuntu land! \o/

  3. Brett Alton says:

    I haven’t given Edubuntu nearly enough attention, especially since I’m interested in IT through schools (even worked as a computer technician for a local school board).

    LTSP has always seemed overbearingly complex to me and hard to set up, but I’ll have to test this out on a couple of VMs.

    Good work and good luck!

  4. Zerlgi says:

    Fantastic update. Glad to see Qimo getting mainstream ‘buntu support. Well done.

    Fetching the 10.04 RC now.

  5. I just want to say I appreciate your info on the upcoming edubuntu. I introduce this to my son’s school (and ended up part time teaching since i use linux). I am happy Ubuntu has a education version! Thanks to all who help this be. I am not programer or i would try to help. Is there a blog for teachers learning to use Edubuntu? I saw one person was writing things to help (Dinah)
    (teacher and daddy!)
    Grace Bangkok International School

  6. Peter Cook says:

    Regarding LTSP you say “If you have poked around Edubuntu and the Live LTSP environment and you decide that you’re ready for the real thing, you can install Edubuntu and an Install LTSP option will also appear on the desktop. It pretty much only asks you on which interface you would like to run LTSP on, just like the LTSP live environment. All you need to do is click on OK and sit back for 10 minutes while it does everything required to get the LTSP environment set up.”

    I didn’t find this option when I installed Edubuntu 10.04 from the DVD. Is it possible to launch the LTSP setup from the disc? If not where should I look for directions?

  7. linuxforgermanschools says:

    I have the same Problem as Peter Cook in the topic above. How can I find the LTSP installation in edubuntu 10.04.
    Could You help me?
    Thanks and Greetings from Bavaria

  8. yayap says:

    I am also having the same problem. When Edubuntu is installed I do not see the install ltsp option. Is there a command I can execute to begin the installation. I am somewhat of a Linux noob, but any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  9. jonathan says:

    Hi! When installing LTSP from the Live CD, it will create an LTSP install icon on the desktop. When the installation completes, click on “Continue Testing” instead of reboot.

    You can then double-click on Install LTSP on the desktop to install it.

    On an already-installed system (not from the live CD) you have to install LTSP like you would on a regular Ubuntu system.

    We’re working on making it better and more intuitive for Edubuntu 10.10.

  10. Eppis says:

    “…You can then double-click on Install LTSP on the desktop to install it….”
    This feels like quite an undocumentet procedure. Happened to find it here and made a reinstall of my Lucid edubuntu. However, after ltsp-install finished and I rebooted the system, I can’t find any trace (almost) of LTSP. What do I miss, wich steps do I have to perform and in what order to get my edubuntu-LTSP-server to show itself?
    Is there somewhere a howto or step-by-step-guide on how to setup a edubuntu ltsp server, I would really appreciate if you could point out a direction for me to look.

  11. Eppis says:

    Also the configuration of DHCP on the edubuntu-LTSP-server is unclear for me. Same question, anywhere I can find howto or step-by-step instructions?

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