A few impressions of DebConf 16 in Cape Town

DebConf16 Group Photo

DebConf16 Group Photo by Jurie Senekal.


Firstly, thanks to everyone who came out and added their own uniqueness and expertise to the pool. The feedback received so far has been very positive and I feel that the few problems we did experience was dealt with very efficiently. Having a DebConf in your hometown is a great experience, consider a bid for hosting a DebConf in your city!

DebConf16 Open Festival (5 August)

The Open Festival (usually Debian Open Day) turned out pretty good. It was a collection of talks, a job fair, and some demos of what can be done with Debian. I particularly liked Hetzner’s stand. I got to show off some 20 year old+ Super Mario skills and they had some fun brain teasers as well. It’s really great to see a job stand that’s so interactive and I think many companies can learn from them.

The demo that probably drew the most attention was from my friend Georg who demoed some LulzBot Mini 3D Printers. They really seem to love Debian which is great!

DebConf (6 August to 12 August)

If I try to write up all my thoughts and feeling about DC16, I’ll never get this post finished. Instead, here as some tweets from DebConf that other have written:





Day Trip

We had 3 day trips:

Brought to you by


DebConf16 Orga Team.

See you in Montréal!

DebConf17 dates:

  • DebCamp:  31 July to 4 August 2017
  • DebConf: 6 August to 12 August 2017
  • More details on the DebConf Wiki.

The DC17 sponsorship brochure contains a good deal of information, please share it with anyone who might be interested in sponsoring DebConf!


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