Free Software Activities for 2020-05

I would say that this was a crazy month, but with everything ever escalating, does that even mean anything anymore?

I lost track of tracking my activities in the second half of the month, and I’m still not very good at logging the “soft stuff”, that is, things like non-technical work but that also takes up a lot of time, but will continue to work on it.

Towards the end of the month I spent a huge amount of time on MiniDebConf Online, I’m glad it all worked out, and will write a seperate blog entry on that. Thank you again to everyone for making it a success!

I’m also moving DPL activities to the DPL blog, so even though it’s been a busy month in the free software world… my activity log here will look somewhat deceptively short this month…

MiniDebConf Online

2020-05-06: Help prepare initial CfP mail.

2020-05-06: Process some feedback regarding accessibility on Jitsi.

Debian Packaging

2020-05-02: Upload package gnome-shell-extension-workspaces-to-dock (53-1) to Debian unstable.

2020-05-02: Upload package tetzle (2.1.6-1) to Debian unstable.

2020-05-06: Upload package bundlewrap (3.9.0-1) to Debian unstable.

2020-05-06: Accept MR#1 for connectagram.

2020-05-06: Upload package connectagram (1.2.11-1) to Debian unstable.

2020-05-07: Upload package gnome-shell-extension-multi-monitors (20-1) to Debian unstable (Closes: #956169).

2020-05-07: Upload package tanglet (1.5.6-1) to Debian unstable.

2020-05-16: Upload package calamares (3.2.24-1) to Debian unstable.

2020-05-16: Accept MR#1 for tuxpaint-config.

2020-05-16: Accept MR#7 for debian-live.

2020-05-18: Upload package bundlewrap (3.10.0) to Debian unstable.

Debian Mentoring

2020-05-02: Sponsor package gamemode (1.5.1-3) (Games team request).

2020-05-16: Sponsor package gamemode (1.5.1-4) (Games team request).

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