All you need is ubuntu

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  1. Vincent says:

    That last part was very moving. Thanks.

  2. Jane says:

    Crap I typed up a whole comment and your blog frikken ate it! *hurumph*

    Anyhoo… I said if you were in CT I would have made you and Ubuntu cake. I so miss those days!

    Also congrats and all the best with your new adventure. I am sure it will go great. Your heart is in the right place…

    Isn’t that colour quiz weird and freak-accurate hey??!

  3. somaunn says:

    happy to leave a post here.
    the last release party was great, i mean meet all the guys. stronger and very disposed to help people.
    i found my solutioon there concerning some personal problem with operating system and material, now i know wich operatig system i’ll use for every days purposes.
    Thanks to you jonathan, GP, Simon, The Master of universe and the others it was it will be one the best experience in my life.

  1. 6 November 2008

    […] South Africa release parties Jonathan Carter already wrote about the Johannesburg release party. Here are his photos from that […]

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