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  1. Seung Soo, Ha says:

    I like your configurations. Also +1 on docky too.

    I also agree that people tend to follow the UI of Mac OS X. As long as it is done in a legal manner, I see nothing wrong with it. I believe that Mac has many characteristics of a good UI and we should take what is good and necessary where appropriate.

    Do you think we should try to avoid Mac OS X styles? Or do you believe that maybe we’re taking more than is “appropriate”?

  2. Simon says:

    It’s not always copying OS-X though. Sometimes they’re copying it’s NextSTEP ancestor – the modern Dock is really just a flashier version of that desktop, which has long been copied by open desktops. And sometimes they’re just obvious – details may vary, but if ten desktops implement some kind of file browser, most of them will end up looking pretty similar.

  3. Arthur Tan says:

    Are you using 10.04 or 10.10 alpha? Does audio and ethernet work automatically in 10.10 on the Mac Mini? I’d like to also install Ubuntu on my Mac Mini.

  4. Nekolyanich says:

    Hi, can you explain me how to move docky from ‘bottom’ or ‘top’ position to the left(like on your screenshot)?

  5. jonathan says:

    @Arthur This is 10.10 alpha. Wi-fi and wired network works fine, as well as audio and 3D graphics.

    @Nekolyanich You have to click and drag on a space that’s open (quite hard to do as it’s usually filled with icons) and drag it to the side that you want. Best is to do this from next to one of the icons before it zooms up.

  6. Arthur Tan says:

    Thanks Jonathan! Can’t wait to load 10.10 on my Mac Mini.

  7. Can I be the one annoying bloke who asks all of your theme and wallpaper details pleas? Thanks! ;)

  8. T_U says:

    The OSX interface is pretty good but, a few remarks :

    1) I have the feeling it’s possible to copy partly nice features AND be innovative, have a personnality at the same time. I think mimicing OSX too much is harmful in the end. Ubuntu will have a reputation of “cheap clone” (and it will be true to some extent)

    2) when you see the tons of features in KDE, you realize it is possible to bring new ideas (there are some from Win 7, some from OSX, but also new ones). But a “vision” is needed. We’ll see what befalls of Gnome Shell !

    3) the dock is good and has a cool factor, but it is not necessarily the “ultimate” solution, it can be annoying too. The global menu as well (was on the Amiga in 1985 too BTW !)

    4) the global menu won’t work with the most used apps : mozilla apps and because they are not true GTK apps (maybe it’ll be worked around in the end)

    5) a dock or menu bar will never work as well as on OSX because OSX apps are aware of their existence, and can interact in clever ways with it.

    For instance : apps in the docks can optionally remain loaded even when no window is opened (kinda preloading of your favorite apps). Apps can change their icons, displays cool animated thumbnails etc. –> in linux, as long as there is no clear new standard specification, it will always require hacks, patches, scripts, and will never work as flawlessly as on MacOSX…

    We have to think from scratch and benefit from Gnome 3 to do things cleanly…

  9. AlexandreP says:

    Is there a way to have a semi-transparent notifications area? It just popped me that it is not well integrated to the rest of your semi-transparent gnome-panel…

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