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  1. Joseph Hartman says:

    This is all good news. I’m curious about the last image in the post, the one that is evidently a splash screen from install but that highlights Sabayon. Is Sabayon ready for prime time at last? That would be great news. Also, I’m working at the San Diego County Office of Education now and there is lots of interest around Ubuntu and Linux, but there is no great tool to manage desktops in the education sector, especially for kids. What we need is a combination of Sabayon and Landscape. A tool that we can use remotely to lock down groups of computers to various degrees (kinder gets this profile, high schoolers get that profile, etc.) and that we can use to roll out updates and customize programs (change the Firefox default settings and such). In fact, at this point Landscape is pretty much able to do all of this with scripts which, while not as user friendly as Sabayon or other tools, will suffice for the time being. The problem is that Landscape is far too expensive. The whole reason districts are coming to me and asking about Linux is because they want to save money, so I can’t exactly sell them on Ubuntu and Landscape when the cost is at least $60 per computer per year. Any advice on how I can get Canonical to give Landscape away to educational institutions? The demand is there, but the supply constraints are prohibiting adoption. Thanks for the update on Maverick btw.

  2. jonathan says:

    Hey Joseph, it is indeed Sabayon. If by “ready for primetime” you mean a Launchpad replacement, then no :)

    If you mean ready for general use, then probably yes. Sabayon used to be quite broken a few releases back. Over the Karmic and Lucid release cycles Scott Balneaves put in a lot of effort into fixing it up and getting it to work properly in Ubuntu.

    Unfortunately I can’t fix your Launchpad dilemma, but in the future we might combine tools like Sabayon, Pessulus, Gnome Nanny and desktop profiles in such a way that the settings could be applied to mutliple standalone machines quite easily. Currently, the best way to do that in an environment with a limited budget is to use LTSP.

    We’ll get there with Edubuntu eventually, it’s a lot of work to get everything to work nicely together and to keep it that way, but my personal goal is that Edubuntu will one day be the ideal drop-in implementation/replacement for the type of environments that you are describing, and in my opinion, it is certainly getting there. Slowly… but surely :)

  3. Joseph Hartman says:

    Yeah, I noticed Scott had done a lot of work fixing Sabayon over the past few releases. He’s made amazing gains, but I still had issues with it when implementing local apps across LTSP. Hopefully that has been resolved in this release.

    I like the idea of combining tools to lock down environments. It would make adoption a lot easier if the tool were as easy to use as Sabayon or Pessulus but did the work or all of them. One app to add to the list is definitely the edubuntu menu editor though. It’s key to keeping kids out of certain areas and simplifying the UI.

    Unfortunately, while these tools were helpful when I oversaw a single school, my new position at the County Office of Education has me working with hundreds of schools. In this situation, an enterprise level solution like Landscape is exactly what I need if I am going to engage district superintendents and technology directors in the adoption of Ubuntu.

    I know you can’t just snap your fingers and make Landscape free for schools, but if we make the issue known to the people we encounter, maybe we can make progress towards more large scale adoptions of Ubuntu in the educational realm.

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