Easter Egg Hunting

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  1. Some_Person says:

    5. On the logon screen, type “Require Quarter” in the username field. Then log in as usual. It will ask you to insert 25 cents to log in.

    6. Press Alt-F2 and type in “gegls from outer space”. You will get a space invaders game with cows.

    7. Press Alt-F2 and type in “free the fish”. Wanda the Fish will float around your screen. Clicking on it will make it swim away, but it will come back. To get rid of the fish, press Alt-F2 and type “pkill gnome-panel”. Your panel will disappear for a moment, but will come back.

  2. Jam says:

    Ooh, a few new ones here that I didn’t know about! Thanks :)

  3. it still works in version 3.0 :) and calc is now called OpenOffice Spreadsheet :)

  1. 1 October 2009

    […] (KKNK, KoDV, Cokefest, etc). I kept a list of all the easter eggs I’ve gathered in Ubuntu since the last time I blogged about Ubuntu Easter Eggs, […]

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