Software Freedom Day 2009

Yesterday was the 6th International Annual Software Freedom Day. I attended the Cape Linux Users Group event at UCT. It was different to all the previous ones we’ve had in that it was a much more geeky event rather than just a marketing event. CLUG provided free pizza and Mark Ter Morthuizen brewed us some home-made beer. Our activities included working on the CLUG website, fixing the UCT Freedom Toaster, creating new CD toasting software from scratch in Python (called Snakewich), and doing some maintenance in the Shuttleworth Lab. It was really nice having a real CLUG event again (besides the usual CLUG talks) and it was good seeing some old familiar faces as well. We had lots of hickups though, bad wi-fi, touch-screen displays not playing along, but overall it was totally worth it.

I think our next step is to start making use of TSL for things like Ubuntu Global Jams and CLUG related workshops.

Oh yes, and it’s official, Ubuntu 10.04’s official codename is Lucid Lynx.

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