Edubuntu 9.10 is Here

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7 Responses

  1. proofreader says:

    That’s good news! I think you will draw a lot of attention around the world.

    “Jordan has resigned to persue his career that has been demanding more attention recently.”

    Since this is an educational site you may want to correct “persue” with “pursue”. (You may be getting interference from “peruse”.)

    Then delete this comment.

    Texting-influenced forms such as “prsu” won’t be standard for another generation. “Jordan hz resInd 2 prsu Hs creer dat hz Bin dm&N mo ATTN recntly.”

  2. jonathan says:

    Thanks proofreader, I’ll keep the comment around for its uhm… educational value :)

  3. Thanks, I think Edubuntu is a great Proyect. I hope to see more of Edubuntu in the future and now….

  4. KENNETH says:

    Its great to finally have a full on install cd, people in Polokwane,South Africa will love it!!

  5. Bipin Patel says:

    one DVD Edubuntu 9.04 request

  1. 21 November 2009

    […] to Ubuntu rather than a complete, installable operating system. As of yesterday, its status is once again “active”: “For the past few releases, it has been an add-on CD to Ubuntu. Our users have made […]

  2. 21 April 2010

    […] 9.10 was our first release that returned from being an add-on CD to a full installation disc. It had a big problem though, it was almost double the size what it needed to be. The alternate […]

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