Debconf 12 – Managua, Nicaragua

It’s the last day of Debconf 12 in Managua, it’s the first ever Debconf I’ve attended and it has been just awesome.


There’s so much I could talk about and it would take forever to put down, but here’s a few highlights for me:

  • My first time in Nicaragua and also Central America! First time I’ve ever seen a vulcano!
  • The Bits from the DPL talk was great, Zack pretty much hit several nails on the head of why I love the Debian project so much
  • The Debian Cheese and Wine party was off the wall, the food and the drinks were awesome and it was a lot of fun
  • I’ve been attending some of the Debconf  organising sessions, I was considering getting a few people together so that we could put in a bit for Sherbrooke for 2016, but then I learned that a bunch of people are already getting together to put a bid together for Montréal in 2014, so I’ll get involved with that instead. Stefano and I have also been talking about a hypothetical Debconf in 2018 or 2020 in Cape Town or Stellenbosch. As much as we want a Debconf in Africa, neither of us will have time to organise a team for that in the short term. I’m hoping that being involved in the Montréal bid (and hopefully an event) will give me good experience for the Cape Town one.
  • The day trip in the middle of the week was great. I just spent the whole day lying in a hammock, drinking beer and staring at the ocean. I think I needed that.
  • The Debian key signing party was good,  I got my key signed by more than 20 Debian contributors this week.
  • The sessions and BoFs were great. I learned a lot about the Debian project this week and filled up a few gaps in my knowledge.
  • I got involved with the video team and played camera man for a few sessions for the live video feeds. It was surprisingly fun. I took some photos too during the week but my camera is really awful, I need to get a new one by the next Debconf.
  • The people of Nicaragua are awesome. Everyone here is so friendly and helpful. The local team has been absolute professionals from start to finish.
  • There’s probably too much other things to mention and I’ll never get a blog entry out if I even try, but thanks to everyone who made this Debconf possible, even Pollito.


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