Linuxworld 2006 – Jo’burg

The past week, I’ve been in Johannesburg to attend the LinuxWorld / Futurex / Equip Expo. Just about all the Linux/OSS exibitioners who were there, were there last year too, although there were much less companies than last year. Many of the smaller local Linux companies said that it was simply too expensive to exhibit, and that the return on investment is practically nothing. Some people suggested that it would be better to have such an event in a smaller venue, such as a school hall. I’m not sure how many businesses would attend, but it would make it more accessable if floorspace were cheaper, and you could then have more localised events. Perhaps something that requires more thinking… might be good to combine such kind of events with Software Freedom Day. Overall the event went very well though, and I got to wrote the LPI Ubuntu Certification exam in the first session ever! I hope I passed.

May the 19th was also an informal Open Messenging Day (read darco and Ploum’s blog entries). I’ve now finally removed my ICQ/AIM account from Gaim, and after 7 years of IM’ing, I am finally using no more proprietary messenging protocols. Yay Jabber!

Saving the best news for last, Edubuntu now also has a Shipit, so you can order some Edubuntu CD’s for your school or even for yourself, visit and order yours. Also Edubuntu related, next month I’m going to Paris for the Ubuntu Developer Summit, and I’ll get to meet the Edubuntu Council members I haven’t met yet, Jerome and Jordan. Also looking forward to see Oliver and Jane, it’s been almost a year since I last saw ogra!

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