Gnome Panel is Alive

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  1. Gaurav says:

    I’ts really good to know that you are willing to implement the SolusOS patches upstream. I think that Consort is a great effort and represents the ideas of freedom that we strive to maintain, but I also agree that duplication of effort should be eliminated as much as possible.
    Gnome panel is actually more useful for people with accessibility needs and older people migrating from other proprietary environments. Thank you and best of luck for your efforts :)

  2. ssam says:

    I hope this is successful. I have one machine on gentoo stable (still has gnome2) and one on F18 with MATE. I have no strong attachment to any of the particular methods of keeping GNOME2 style desktop going, but eventually it will have to be something that uses GTK3.

    Have you had a look at the work done in the MATE project. They have made some progress towards removing deprecated libraries, which might be useful for you.

  3. LaserJock says:

    Congrats! That’s a big step dude. I hope it works out well for you. I’ve looked at that code, you’re a braver man than me :-)

    I do most of my linuxy stuff in VMs due to the nature of my work and I can tell you that even though I do enjoy Unity and Gnome 3, I really just want a solid 2D Gnome interface.

  4. nemoinis says:

    I and many others have been using XFCE on multiple-monitors setups as well as big and small laptops for a long time, so I’d be interested in knowing why it’s not usable. I must have been dreaming all this time…

  5. Erick Brunzell says:

    Thank you very much for offering to do this. I’ve found Metacity with no effects to run just as light as xfwm, and almost as light as Openbox.

    This is also much easier to integrate into a home PC environment where one user may want Unity while another user may want a “classic” DE.

    I was very cautious about that when I wrote this:

    I can’t help at all with development but you can count on me to help with testing.

  6. ssam says:

    @nemoinis is that a static setup or do you regularly plug and unplug monitors. Does xfce remember how you previously arranged that monitor? if your combined monitors are non-rectangular does it constrain the mouse to stay in the visible area?

    I think last time i tried xfce would hotplug the monitor, but assumed that i always wanted it to the right, so everyday i configure it to be above.

  7. Jim says:

    Congratulations! I’m very happy to hear gnome-panel will be maintained. I wish you all the best.

  8. Jb says:

    > My pet peeve… intelligent launcher icons.
    In the Gnome 2 days, there was a panel applet called Talika which performed this task very well :
    Maybe a good starting point ?

    Anyway, thank you for your work on Gnome Classic, and good luck.

  9. Lanoxx says:

    Hey Jonathan,

    I tried sending you a mail. I would like to help, but I didnt get any reply. Please let me know what I can do to support Gnome panel?

    Btw i had a look at the talika code. Its quite a lot of code because it seems the developers copy/pasted a lot of code from libwnck and metacity into their codebase. That makes it quite complicated to maintain it or even port it to gtk+3, it is probably way easier to port some of the features over to my window-picker-applet.


  10. jonathan says:

    Hey Lanoxx. I’ve been moving country the last week so haven’t been too great on keeping up with emails. Will reply to your email today. Thanks for your interest in this!

  11. suco says:

    Hi, I’m a user of gnome-pannel for a long time, I’m still using it on ubutnu 12.10 but I can’t in 13.04 because of lot of bugs never fixed and some window lost focus problems that doesn’t allow me to close apps and I have to use alt+f4, I reported some bugs to ubuntu in the past about gnome-panel and I would like to know if is still alive? Bests

  12. booker says:

    “Also, Xfce…had big holes in usability, especially when it came to things like having multiple displays and running on laptops.”

    I’m stumped here. Can you explain specifically what you mean?

  13. jonathan says:

    @booker: Regarding multiple displays, the UI doesn’t allow me to choose which display is next to which, or it’s height. That makes it almost completely useless useless. Also, if I remove my laptop from its dock or unplug a display (or replug it), it doesn’t automatically adjust, I have to manually re-set it. This was written at the time when Xfce 4.8 was released, not sure how much this has improved in 4.10, but I will when packages are available for it in Debian.

  14. Benjamin Bach says:

    THANKS!! I love gnome-fallback, and for a lot of educational purposes, it is absolutely crucial to keep going. I work on a project where Edubuntu is being deployed at secondary schools, and to maintain relevance, it is important to have a DE that gives the user an impression of what basic, classic window management is. This should practice the skills that are relevant for most office work, and Unity and standard Gnome3 can always be practised on top of that for the sake of making the students more adaptive.

    Benjamin, FAIR

  15. Erick Brunzell says:

    With Trusty vUDS approaching next week I must ask; will Edubuntu continue supporting “gnome-panel + metacity” for LTSP installs in Trusty?

    That would be a blessing for me personally ;^)

  16. badidea says:

    Thanks. Happy user of Gnome Flashback under Ubuntu 13.10. And nemo as the default file manager. The perfect linux distro :-)

  17. episkopos says:

    What is the status of this as relates to Trusty? Our elementary school computer lab has been running smoothly on XRDP with gnome-session-fallback (Precise) for about a year. With the end of support for Precise, we need to find a way to move to Trusty and maintain our precious XRDP accessibility. Is there any way to get this working? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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