More Easter Eggs in Ubuntu

Easter time! I’m going to spend the next few days off-line attending some music festivals (KKNK, KoDV, Cokefest, etc). I kept a list of all the easter eggs I’ve gathered in Ubuntu since the last time I blogged about Ubuntu Easter Eggs, enjoy!


Type about:robots in the Firefox address bar. You’ll get this message:


Require Quarter

In GDM, the Ubuntu login screen, type “Require Quarter” and press enter. It will return back to the login prompt as if you haven’t typed anything at all. When the next user comes to log in, the system will display a prompt that says “Insert 25 cents to continue…”

Zenity Dress Up

Zenity is a tool that you can use to add some GUI functionality to your scripts. If you execute zenity –about, and type “zen” into the about dialog, then you will get to play dress-up Mr Potato style. This doesn’t seem to work on Jaunty anymore.

StarCalc Team

In Calc, type “=STARCALCTEAM()” into any of the cells. A picture will be displayed of the original Star Office Calc team.


GEGL Eggs in Gnome

Right-click on an open space on the gnome-panel and click on properties.Right-click 3 times on any of the tabs. A GEGL cow will fly by waving at you.


You can also play the gegls from outer space game. Press ALT+F2, then typs “gegls from outer space”


The Answer in VIM

Type :help 42 in the command field, and you will get the following message:



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12 Responses

  1. Cute! These are apparently all in the upstream projects. They work in Fedora 10 as well, and I’m betting other distros as well.

  2. JanC says:

    If you install python3, then run the interactive interpreter, and execute ‘import antigravity’…

  3. Colin Dean says:

    Super neat, especially the gegls from outer space trick.

  4. Jamie says:

    On the subject of vim, try :help!

    I sense quite a Douglas Adams fan.

  5. Arky says:

    Great Stuff Dude! Happy Easter

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